African Village Vendors Association at Leimert Park

Empowering Black-owned vendors and uplifting our community. We're revamping and boosting support to elevate excellence and unity in our village.

African Village Vendors Association at Leimart Park: picture of bongos drums
African Village Vendors Association at Leimart Park: picture of bongos drums

Our Vision

To relentlessly try and move towards making this area the New Black Wall Street. Help us transform, develop and cultivate our people from consumers to entrepreneurs.

Our Services

  • We will now be collecting the donations of vendors dues for Sunday (strict accountability and receipts will be given)

  • Receiving intake of new Vendor’s

  • Set forth a new campaign to brand and promote our vendors and Association and uplift Africatown LA through flyers and social media

  • Help oversee care and beautification projects for the village (trash, sanitation, cosmetics …etc..)

  • Help with placement and order for vendors

  • Resources and referral for qualified legal support for business issues

  • Help with securing entertainment, events, Black empowerment, inspirational motivational speakers and tourism for our area

  • Advocating equal rights and treatment for the people of the community and black owned vendors in this area

  • Creating economic growth for the black community as a whole, promoting a revolving circulation of black dollars in the area

  • Combating gentrification and discrimination for this area as compared to the rest of the other cultures throughout LA

  • Help securing a safe and family environment

  • Training and help to cover vendors without permits and licenses or that need permits renewed (internships/Brothers keepers mentor program) Advocating, promoting and creating entrepreneurs instead of consumers

  • Seeking out resources from several organizations, individuals and the city for grants, loans, education, networking and training for the vendors

  • Soliciting for sponsorship and major Donations for community activities and equipment

  • Doing know your right seminars for Vendors and constituents in the village

The African Village Vendors Association @LeimertPark

Is pursuing our mission to develop, cultivate and grow the Black Owned Vendor and to be a resource for our Community Area. We will be transitioning and implementing the following measures. Our aim is to create greater excellence and support for the Vendors, Village and Community.

Plus so much more as a service to meet the most Prevalent needs in this area. We want to combat some of the ills that plague our black underserved society as a whole.

  • If you have a heart of SERVICE and ACTION to help meet these goals and more please join our leadership intern team.

  • Or simply join as a member of our association as a proud Black Owned Vendor, which is our focus.

  • Lastly if you’re not a vendor we are looking for VOLUNTEERS to be a part of AVVALP‘s. T. eam A. uxilary S. upport (T.A.S. Force). Certificates available.

IG: African_ Village_ Vendors_ Assoc_

Cash app: $AVVALP   

Tax-deductible 501(C) Non -Profit

For more info call: 661.583.3217 

"It takes An African VILLAGE Vendors Assn. to RAISE and elevate our land”

Please Join Us

Every Sunday, right here at Leimert Park "Africatown". Help fight gentrification of this historic area through your Weekly support and patronage of black-owned vendors on these grounds. We also want to be a community resource in needed areas of lack for the entire black community. We are far behind and need focused care to bring us to a level playing field.

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